Chassis Friendly

Tested for Reliability

The products are created in line with our design and development philosophy and are subject to a high standard of industry-leading tests. Beyond road and track performance monitoring, the strut bars also are put through the Bending, Torsion and Flex tests.

For the Bending Test, both sides of the bar are placed under pressure and the amount of force recorded. The test is vital for us to understand how the bar will act under various driving conditions. This includes utilising a hydraulic pump to compress the bars as a way to simulate an accident.

To test torsion, a strut bar is bolted to a special harness to simulate an actual vehicle chassis. Torque is then applied to one side of the bar and the amount of twist is recorded.

In a Flex Test, a strut bar is also bolted to a modified jig. Torque is gradually applied on the ends of the bar during the test. The purpose is to simulate the performance of the strut bar when it is under chassis flex conditions.