How It Function

Technology of Strut Bars and Chassis Strengthening

A car’s chassis twists slightly as it enters a corner. The front (and the back on some occasion) suspension pillars move separately because they are only connected via the car body, which is prone to flex.

A strut brace will create a direct connection via a brace between the top of the engine and the top of the two suspension posts. The result is a more rigid front suspension setup and little to no movement relative to each side.

If you are a keen driver, you will be able to get far better handling out of your car by fitting a few accessories to it. The first thing you should look at is a strut brace.

However a lower suspension should be your first priority if you're serious about improving your car’s handling performance. For the majority of drivers, this will be more sufficient.



Does the vehicle chassis strengthened is needed?

A car chassis takes the most abuse during a drive. Fast cornering, sudden braking and acceleration are the common examples of strain the chassis while driving.

In some cases, the weight transfer when cornering may cause one side of vehicle to experience the force more than other side of vehicle. This situation will affect chassis flex or body of vehicle deformity and twisted, hence also causing tires to lose grip.

The understeering and oversteering occur during cornering affected from deformity and twisting of vehicle chassis.