Term and Condition

Damaged shipment

Do inspect your item before signing off on it. If you find any damage to the items, please contact the company within the specified time to request replacement.

Local - If the goods are damaged, please let us know within 3 working days.

Outstation - If the goods are damaged, please let us know within 4 working days.

Any damaged item not reported immediately to the company will result in the buyer being responsible for the cost of the replacement parts, as company will not be responsible to the damage on the shipment.

Product damage

Company will not be responsible for any errors or damages during the installation of our products. No refund will be made for any damages on our products done by you or other parties during the installation.


You must agree to the following disclaimer when purchasing any TYPE ONE product

These terms are subject to change at any time without notice prior and must be comply accordingly.

TYPE ONE warranty

TYPE ONE provide 1 to 1 exchange service when type one products under these situation such as cannot installation or the products have crack occur. Therefore, customer must send the photo or video about the problem to our email address as following typeone.info@gmail.com.

Any products of type one which is not originally intended purpose such modified, misused, subjected to accident or collision, faulty installation or installing on vehicle will be excluded from the warranty.